Family Law

Divorce, Separation and the breakup of the Family unit is understandably, one of life’s most unexpected and distressing events.

At Paramonte Legal, we understand how important it is to have a solicitor you can trust and depend on, and our aim is to provide you with the Support, Expertise and Understanding in order to assist you through your time of difficulty.

As each Family unit is unique, we aim to provide our clients with personalised legal advice suited to address each individual’s needs and concerns. Our approach is to utilise our knowledge of the law, combined with our extensive practical experience, in order to assist you in taking the next step.

Whether it is property settlement, divorce, children’s matters, parenting arrangements, de facto relationships, spousal maintenance or child support, or whether you are a victim of domestic violence or child abuse, our solicitors are equipped with the expertise to assist you. Wherever possible, our aim is to bring about a resolution outside of the Court system to ensure that costs, delay and uncertainty are kept at a minimum.