Wills, Probate, Will Disputes & Contested Estates

Paramonte Legal recognises that its clients have worked hard to accumulate their assets and the need to ensure that they have an Asset Protection Plan in place, so together with their family they can continue to enjoy the fruits of their labour without the unnecessary headache.

Our aim is to help you plan ahead and clearly express your wishes by documenting arrangements to protect your family’s future assets, as well as contingency plans should you lose the capacity to manage your own affairs.

We also understand that dealing with estates can be a period of stress when executors are dealing with beneficiaries or dealing with unfamiliar matters. Our team of caring, experienced and efficient professionals will guide you through this difficult time.

Paramonte legal can also be of assistance if you have been unfortunately and/or wrongly left out of a will or wish to obtain some advice in relation to interceding with a view to contest, mediate and solve these disputes and complications. We will make a claim on the estate, address concerns about undue influence on a will maker or challenging the will maker’s mental capacity.

Our services in this area include the provision of advice on: